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There may be some factors that can help your chances of admission. Let’s consider these:


  • The “preferred” colleges that most Indonesians want to go to will be harder to get into. Too many applications from one school or one country can cut down your chances. Be brave and original with your choice of school.


  • Colleges seek geographic and other diversity, and there aren’t that many Indonesian students in the U.S. Your chances may increase further if you are not from Jakarta, or if you can in any way emphasize “outside” or “alternative” traits. Think what is different and special about you.


  • If you really want to show you are interested in a college, you can request an interview and contact them via email. If you are interested in a particular subject and you have read or heard of a professor, ask to contact that professor. You will impress the school by showing how serious you are.


  • Don’t forget to send brief thank you emails after an interview or a particularly helpful conversation. You will get your name remembered. Good manners go a long way.


  • A college is more likely to accept you if your major is in an “under-enrolled” area. Ask the admissions officer how your choice of major might affect your chances.


  • Make sure you let the admissions office know if you have a special ability. If you do something special – art, photography, music, etc. – send a sample of your work.


  • If the common application form is not enough to explain something about you, submit additional information or explanations.


  • Make sure you apply to at least one safety (backup) school.


  • If you didn’t get accepted to your favorite college, consider applying to a 2-year community college in the same region, that is a feeder into your favorite school. Do your 2-year core curriculum there and you will be able to transfer. It’s a great way to save money, too.
January 22, 2015

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