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EducationUSA Mentorship Program (MP) is an initiative of EducationUSA- Indonesia, part of the Embassy of the United States in Indonesia. It represents a platform where Indonesian graduates of U.S. colleges and universities guide young Indonesians who want to study in the United States. The goal of the program is to facilitate the completion of successful university applications.


The Mentorship Program (MP) is a series of five workshops conducted by EducationUSA over a period of 5 months in cooperation with a group of mentors, all graduates of U.S. universities. Workshop materials and assignments will be available as an online course to all participants. Mentors will be able to follow the progress of their mentees online as well as provide feedback and guidance on assignments. Mentors are not expected to attend workshops, but are certainly welcome. We recommend participation in the welcoming reception and one or more  workshops.


Mentees will be matched with a mentor who can be a graduate from a university or program of interest to the mentee. Participating mentees are required to attend workshops and complete assignments in order to maximize the benefits of the program. Candidates for the program need to submit a mentee application form here.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee please join us.

The program has several key objectives:

  • Provide free-of-charge advice and workshops to facilitate the college application process.
  • Highlight role models and success stories of U.S. alumni throughout Indonesia.
  • Build a multi-generational community of Indonesian alumni interested in giving back and nurturing of the next generation of U.S. alumni.
  • Create a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge relating to American and Indonesian education, economy, society and culture.


EducationUSA is a worldwide network of centers and advisors with presence in 170 countries. Its mission is to provide free-of-charge assistance to international students who want to study in the United States. Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study is one of EducationUSA-Indonesia flagship programs which aims to clarify the process through which Indonesian candidates can study in the United States. EducationUSA-Indonesia organizes higher education fairs, which bring representatives of many American colleges and schools to Indonesia.


EducationUSA-Indonesia has experienced advisors and regional education centers in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and Malang. These centers organize various educational events, lectures, and webinars to grow and nurture ties between people and organizations in Indonesia and the United States.


EducationUSA’s main partners are local high-schools, universities, parents, counselors, educators as well as a large number of American universities. To support its activities, the Indonesian education team also partners with the Fulbright Program, LPDP, the United States Agency for International Development – Indonesia (USAID) and other local and international partners.