EducationUSA Mentorship Program

Workshop II: Choosing the Right School

We have already met each other, and by now you have, hopefully met your mentor.
How did it go?

In the previous workshop we talked about what is important for the admissions officers who are reading your applications, and what is the overall impression and story you want to create with your application.

This second workshop will help you decide which college or university you want to apply to. Deciding where to apply is not easy because there are so many excellent programs in the United States. We will discuss briefly the Liberal Arts Programs in many undergraduate colleges which emphasize a spectrum of courses, and require a students to complete courses outside the chosen major. That means that even if you get an engineering degree, you would be advised to take a class in literature, or history, or anthropology, or language. Undergraduate schools like with such program value the ability to look at problems broadly, as well as the ability to write and communicate effectively.

Even if you think you know where you want to apply, we want to broaden your view and make sure you don’t miss some great opportunities. We will work together to prepare a good list of places for you. Remember, think outside of the box, don’t always look at big names and big schools, and have confidence in yourself and your choices.

Good luck.