EducationUSA Mentorship Program

Workshop IV: Everything About the Admissions Essay

Dear undergraduate candidate,

You have already worked hard and you are almost halfway through with the preparation of your “ghost” application. By ghost we mean, a sample application which will help you prepare the real application you will soon tackle. You have already started a draft of an essay or at least we have nudged you to explore your interests, major events and other circumstances in your life that may be helpful when you write your real essay.

In this workshop, we will go over the principles of college essay-writing. Don’t forget, colleges would like to place your grades (from the transcript of your current school), your recommendation letter and the rest of the information from your application form (extracurricular activities, family information) into a BROADER context. They want to know more about YOU and what kind of a person you are. You can be anything, as long as you are you. And as long as you can demonstrate the ability to write well – correctly, clearly and convincingly.

Let’s start!