EducationUSA Mentorship Program

Workshop I: Getting Started and Standardized Tests

Welcome to our first workshop!

We cannot wait to meet you and to have you get to know us and for you to get to know each other. We also are excited about you getting to know your mentor, an Indonesian man or a woman, who has graduated from a U.S. university and now, wants to help you do the same.

This workshop will give you an overview of the American higher education system and will give you insights into how to prepare an OVERALL successful application. When you apply to a U.S. college or university, you will need to submit several documents. You will need to put together a package. This package needs to be complete and it needs to represent you. It needs to tell a story about you, who you are as a student, a thinker, a person, a dreamer. We will talk about ways you can set yourself apart, from other candidates, how you can discover and present your strengths, and what are the components of the application you need to pay particular attention to.

Good luck.