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The Common Application Form is like a folder with all your most significant information. Instead of filling out many paper applications, now you can use one form for many universities. Some univesrities choose to add additional requirements. Different universities participate different years. Eacy August 1st the common application form for that year becomes available. You can view deadlines, fees and supplemental from requirements.


You can have a look at the website and when you are ready to apply, register with it, and choose your university form the list.


You will see the first section requires your basic information, futre plans, demographics, family history, academics and testing history.


Next, you’re prompted to discuss honors won and axtracurricular activities and to highlight your favority activity or work experience.


Then you are propted to write an essay. The Common App essay is usually 650 words or less. You must choose one of five broad topics designed to help demonstrate your ability to write clearly and grow from your personal experience. You can view the most recent essay topics here. It’s good to start your essay as soon as possible.


Here is another useful link to a step-by-step guide to the new common application form put out by


September 17, 2015

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