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What is MP Community Corner?


The EducationUSA Mentorship Program is about the creation of mentorship teams. The core MP teams are those of mentors and mentees, but these groups can be part of larger communities. As they say, it takes a village …..


Beyond the circle of mentors and mentees, we invite other organizations, companies, schools and mentors to contribute. If you think you can:


  • Write an article, give advice or offer a useful perspective on education
  • Speak at public events or workshops on U.S. education
  • Offer internship opportunities for mentees
  • Work with one or more mentees on short-term projects


Please contact us!


If you want to be admitted to top U.S. universities – consider joining now!


As part of our workshops, we encourage candidates to U.S. programs to volunteer their time and service to local organizations or companies. WHY?


One of the distinguishing features of American society is its spirit of volunteerism. Many institutions and projects rely more on the support of private citizens and volunteers than on government. Whether a school, museum, hospital or research institute, many big and small organizations offer opportunities for community service, internship or volunteering. These are great ways to do public good and enrich not just the organization but the skills and experience of the contributors.


EducationUSA Mentorship Program would like to create a platform where companies and various organizations offer opportunities for service to MP mentees. Whether it’s a weekend project, a summer internship, or charity work, all these are invaluable opportunities to gain perspective and depth. This will make a difference between a strong and an outstanding university application. This may make a difference in your life.


Though technically not a requirement, many colleges make community service an unofficial requirement for acceptance. Many schools require it for all their graduates. Some schools also offer unique “community service” courses, awarding credit to students who complete a certain number of community service hours. Most U.S. companies involve their employees in some form of corporate social responsibility.




Americans believe that society in general and education in particular benefit from public-private-civil society partnerships.  We share a growing conviction that many of the current challenges will be effectively addressed only through the coordinated effort between governments, companies and civil society organizations.


If you are a graduate of a U.S. college or university and have ideas about a project or an event suitable for an MP participant, please contact us at

January 21, 2015

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