EducationUSA Mentorship Program

Please write your draft Personal Statement (Undergraduate) or a Statement of Purpose (Graduate).  This draft is for your intended university and program application. Therefore, you will need to carefully research that University’s website, and make the draft essay specifically about why you would be the perfect candidate for that program.

The essay should not be more than 1000 words. There is not really a specific format you need to follow, but to ease your planning, please have an Introduction, where you have your hook sentence, a bit of your ultimate goal and how the program/university can help you get it. Than have 3 more paragraphs that can summarize how you are the perfect candidate for the school and program, considering your academic background, work experience, field of interest, and many more. Finalize the essay with a conclusion that can strategically wrap your essay, and make sure that it leaves a memorable ending that can distinguish you from other candidates.

September 17, 2015

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