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Exercises: SAT Thoughts and Exercises

For most students, the SAT is usually the hardest part of the application. It is difficult for U.S. native speaker so do not discourage. Start studying and register to take it.


There are a number of sites that offer SAT exercises or online preparation.


The most useful strategy for a high-scoring SAT is to prepare and to start early.


Get together with a friend and see if you can form a study group.


Find an online source that can keep track of your preparation.


There a number of smart phone apps as well.


ATTN. Starting March 2016 there is an entirely new format of SAT. If you plan on taking the SAT after that date, LOOK FOR THE NEW preparatory material. The new SAT FAVORS international students, so it is good news.


As always, don’t forget to refer to EducationUSA advisors and the resources at the EducationUSA relevant sites.

For some 2015 old SAT tests, you can try practicing some here.

September 17, 2015

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