EducationUSA Mentorship Program

Indonesia’s Public Service Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) offers master and doctoral scholarship program for Indonesian students. LPDP’s investment in Indonesia’s young leaders provides access to a valuable global education. Studying in the United States – the global leader in higher education – is a great way to secure your future. American universities will prepare you to lead Indonesia into the next century.

Leading universities. With 55 universities on LPDP’s list of select schools, few countries match the United States when it comes to the depth, breadth, and quality of its higher education system. The U.S. has the most prestigious, top- ranked schools in the world, and with great variety among these institutions, you will find one that is ideal for you.

Leading programs. No matter which university you choose from LPDP’s list of 55 U.S. universities, you will earn a degree that is recognized and respected world-wide. Each university offers literally hundreds of graduate degree programs, as unique and varied as you.

Leading research. U.S. universities lead the world in both academic and applied research. The United States accounts for one-third of all research and development funding globally. American universities spent more than $63 billion on research and development last year. Such spending means greater access to cutting-edge research and the most advanced technology available.

Leading innovation. The U.S. is credited with producing the world’s most innovative and entrepreneurial graduates. Some of the most successful companies in recent years have been founded by students of American universities – Google at Stanford University, Groupon at the University of Chicago, Facebook at Harvard University, and Under Armour at the University of Maryland.

Leading networks. American universities host the largest number of international students in the world and attract some of the brightest minds. Your classroom will be filled with peers who may become key contacts for your future. You will also learn from professors who are at the top of their field. U.S. universities emphasize strong alumni networks, keeping graduates connected to one another and to their faculty.

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March 3, 2015

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