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Mentorship Program Fall 2015 Launching



The New Mentorship Program for candidates to graduates programs in the United States starts this September.  TO APPLY PLEASE FILL OUT THE ONLINE FORM ON THIS SITE BY September 7th.


The Mentorship Program (MP) is an initiative of EducationUSA free of charge. It is designed to help Indonesian students prepare their applications for graduate programs in U.S. universities.


A key feature of the program is the matching of MP participants with Indonesian alumni, who act as mentors, providing guidance, advice and feedback on assignments and other aspects of the college application and experience.


Starting September 19th, the program will run 5 workshops at @america (Pacific Place, Jakarta Selatan), on every other Saturday, from 1:30 – to 4:30pm


EducationUSA will select 30 candidates based on their application. You can find an application form here.


All participants who graduate from the program will be offered a financial award, which will cover the cost of their GRE/GMAT tests.


Important dates are as follows:

August 22:  MP Fall 2015 is open for applications.   

September 7th, Monday, 5pm: last day to submit applications.

September 14th Announce winners

September 19th, Sat: Workshop I

October 17th, Sat, Workshop II

November 7th, Sat. Workshop III

November 21st, Sat. Workshop IV

December 5th, Sat. Workshop V


September 17, 2015

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