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Most graduate schools have similar requirements but you should check each school’s particular set of requirements and deadlines. Some departments may have additional requirements for you. For more information on that read “Planning for Graduate School.” Workshop I


Requirements yang biasa


  • Transcript from every university you have attended. You may need to submit a detailed evaluation of the courses you have taken so that  graduate programs can  understand better what you have  covered and  how to match it to U.S. standards. That is  not as difficult as it seems.


  • Recommendation letters are usually written by a professor of yours or someone who knows you well.


  • TOEFL exam which is the test all international students take. For more information about the TOEFL, check out The Princeton Review’s TOEFL Test Preparation or visit


  • GRE, GMAT, MCAT or LSAT test which the majority of graduate programs require. You can take it more than once, you can take free online practice GRE. and seek the help of professional organizations in Indonesia.


  • Statement of Purpose is a critical component of the graduate application which will take more time and reflection than you may expect.  Here is the Princeton Review explanation of the statement of purpose.


  • Visa is in fact the last and easiest part of the application process. Graduate schools will be able to give you all the paperwork you need to get a visa. Please refer to the U.S. Embassy website for more information on what is needed.
January 21, 2015

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