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Videos that discuss scholarships for international students


We recommend to spend the time to listen to a few useful talks by experts on how to find scholarships.


An interesting video that talks about scholarships for international students, you can also find

here. (


Here is one more useful link for a webinar on scholarships for international students.
All these will give you some motivation, and good information, on how to search for scholarships. Webinars include a Q&A time as well.


Bottom line is:


  • finding a scholarships TAKES time.
  • you need to be detail-oriented and organized
  • there are scholarships for all kinds of students. Look for scholarships that may relate to your interests (plug in keywords, such as – most importantly Indonesia, Indonesian students, chemistry, public policy, Ph.D., International students, volunteering….)


Here is also a short but specific video discussing graduate scholarship opportunities. Also this one. Of course most of these are prepared by private agencies that offer some information but withhold a lot, offering it as a paid service. You will have to go around it and do your best to find information for free. It is available. Never be shy to email an agency or a company requesting more information.


Good luck!

September 17, 2015

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