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The Ancora Scholarship Program in West Java


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The foundation offers 20 undergraduate scholarships annually for Indonesians studying in universities across West Java. They are granted tuition fees and living expenses for a maximum of four years of undergraduate education.

The students go through a rigorous selection process that normally attracts more than 1,000 applicants. They hail from all parts of West Java – Bekasi, Indramayu, Tasikmalaya, Bandung City, West Bandung, Bogor, and Sukabumi. Our star scholar for 2009 is Dadan Amanda who recently won the gold medal for the national boxing championship.


Candidates for the scholarship must be Indonesian nationals with demonstrated leadership qualities and a deep commitment to public service. They must show evidence of financial need.


“Ancora International gets kudos for this educational initiative. By working together with the West Java government and Lambada, Ancora is helping make a significant social contribution. We hope such initiatives would expand to include creating job opportunities and empowering rural society. Other companies should follow Ancora’s example.”


Dede Jusuf
Vice Governor, West Java
January 21, 2015

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