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Undergraduate Timeline and Requirements



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Below is a timeline to help you navigate the college application process. Of course, this is only a guide. You have to check with different schools to see what their deadlines and requirements are.


Jan – March            Request applications for each school

and/or open online applications.

Check deadlines and application costs

preview the essay questions and general format.


Mar – April             Register to take the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests                           Review first-semester grades and compute GPA.

Research schools, college websites, take virtual tours.                            Ask about grant, scholarship, and work-study programs.

Create potential college lists.

Feb – June                     Take SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests


Mar – June              Explore the Common Application.

Begin/refine essay prompts.


Mar – May                     Apply for summer job or internship.


May                         Take appropriate tests.


Aug                          Request Letters of Recommendation


Oct/Nov                     Submit early admission applications


Nov – Jan                     Submit regular applications.

Dec – Jan                     Notified of early admissions result.

Dec – May                     Notified of regular admissions result.



Oct – Nov 2013                 Early Admission Applications Due

Dec – Feb 2014                 Regular Application Due

Feb – May 2014                 Notice of Intent Due

May 2014                     Fee Deposit Due


It is not about getting organized, it is about staying organized.


See if you can create a plan and table for each school you apply to.


School:                                                                   Application Deadline:
Requirements What I need to do Timeframe


School:                                                                   Application Deadline:
Requirements What I need to do Timeframe


January 22, 2015

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