EducationUSA Mentorship Program


The EducationUSA Indonesia Mentorship Program is to draw on the pool of outstanding Indonesians who have studied in the United States and are now willing to offer advice and support to prospective Indonesian students.


For many years Indonesians have been going to colleges and universities in the United States, and then returning home to Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and many of the islands of Indonesia to build a future for themselves and their country. Many Indonesian entrepreneurs and businesspeople now working in media, real estate, education, trade, government, manufacturing and engineering have gone to big and small U.S. schools for their Bachelors or Masters degree. Whether engineers, accountants, bankers, governors or teachers, Indonesians choose to study in the United States and return with new ideas, friends and knowledge to build a career and life back home.


The goal of EducationUSA-Indonesia is to provide free and accurate information to Indonesians who want to study in the United States. Through our Mentorship Program we want to build a community of Indonesian thinkers and leaders who reach out to the next generation and encourage them to think big and think good through study in the U.S. The young people of today’s Indonesia will play a key role in catalyzing growth and prosperity. They will promote Indonesia’s international standing but also address some of its challenges. Most of these challenges will transcend borders and neat classifications, and most of them will require the broad-based curriculum and training that U.S. universities are known for.


EducationUSA welcomes the emergence of more diverse and daring Indonesian candidates for studies in the United States. Until recently, most Indonesians studying in the United States pursued business and science degrees but this is rapidly changing as the economy becomes more complex and diverse. Indonesia needs a new generation of designers, social entrepreneurs, nano-physicists, public health practitioners, IT specialists, sustainable development architects, geologists, teachers, and writers who will be able to think across academic disciplines and geographic boundaries.


American alumni are the cornerstone of our Mentorship Program. They are in a unique position to serve as a bridge between our two societies. They have an understanding of American society, culture and political and economic systems that is essential in this global world. They know what it takes to succeed at an American university.  They also have played the role of Indonesian Ambassadors in places in the United States where people may not know much about Indonesia.


There is no more honorable calling than to serve the next generation of students and give back to the community.   We hope Indonesian alumni of U.S. universities will achieve a personal sense of growth and satisfaction in the process. We thank and congratulate them for their commitment to this program and its future growth.


We also welcome all our current and future partners in the pursuit of greater connectivity and opportunities for people. We hope to see the program grow into a place that generates new ideas, new projects, more scholarships, internships and workshops in support of a stronger Indonesia and close people-to-people ties between the United States and Indonesia.


Mentorship Team


January 2015